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The government has approved the concept document for the vetting process

At yesterday’s meeting of the Government, a concept document for the development of the vetting process in the justice system was presented for voting, as it was announced on the website of the Ministry of Justice. The news says that the concept document has been approved with full unanimity by the cabinet and through it aims to create an independent, impartial and credible justice system.

The document has been developed in several main pillars related to verification of personal integrity of verification subjects, assessment of professional performance, control of assets for judges, prosecutors and other senior officials.

The Ministry has announced that the verification process is expected to have two levels of decision-making and administrative as well as logistical support from the secretariat. The members who will evaluate in the first and second instance will be professionals in the field of justice, and will be elected in the Assembly of Kosovo by notification by the President.

This process will be carried out by three decision-making bodies for judges and two for prosecutors, whose decisions will be reasoned and public, while the subject will be guaranteed the right to a fair trial and the right to appeal, said Minister Haxhiu.

The full news in Albanian can be found HERE.

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