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Prosecutorial Council

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Kosovo Prosecutorial Council

Kosovo Prosecutorial Council is an independent institution that is regulated by law.

The Prosecutorial Council ensures that all persons have equal access to justice and that prosecutors exercise their function in an independent, professional and impartial manner.

According to the law, the Council is responsible for recruiting and proposing for appointment and reappointment candidates for prosecutorial office and shall assess, promote, discipline, dismiss, transfer, and provide for the training of prosecutors.

The Prosecutorial Council proposes to the President candidate for Chief State Prosecutor and, when required, recommends to the President for dismissal of the Chief State Prosecutor and also determines the number of prosecutors for each prosecutor. The Prosecutorial Council consists of thirteen (13) members.

Address: Street Luan Haradinaj in Prishtina, no.16 / 1 zone 2, category 2.
Tel: +383 38 200 18 710.
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