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The State Prosecutor is an independent and impartial institution responsible for prosecuting persons who are suspected of committing criminal offenses as well as for representing charges at the court on behalf of the state. Prosecutors must always perform their duties in accordance with the Constitution and applicable laws.

The state prosecutors are appointed by the President of the Republic of Kosovo upon proposal by the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council.

Some duties of prosecutors are as follows:


  • Exercising prosecutorial functions in an independent, fair, objective and impartial manner and to ensure that all persons are treated equally before the law;
  • Protecting the legal rights of victims, witnesses, suspects, accused and convicted persons;
  • Undertaking the necessary legal actions for the detection of criminal offences and discovery of perpetrators, and the investigation and prosecution of criminal offences in a timely manner;
  • Making decisions on the initiation, continuation or termination of criminal proceedings against persons suspected or accused of committing criminal offences;
  • Filing indictments and represent them before the court.

The State Prosecutor includes: Basic Prosecutions, Appellate Prosecution, Special Prosecution, and Office of Chief State Prosecutor.


The Basic Prosecutors

The Basic Prosecutors: gare located in seven (7) regions of Kosovo, respectively in: Pristina, Gjilan, Prizren, Peja, Mitrovica, Gjakova and Ferizaj.

Each Basic Prosecutor consists of three (3) departments: the General Department, the Juvenile Department and the Serious Crimes Department;

Basic Prosecutors in these regions have competence for all cases in the first instance, unless otherwise provided by law.

The Basic Prosecution in Prishtina covers the territory of Prishtina, Podujeva, Drenas, Lipjan, Fushë Kosovo, Obiliq and Gracanica. Address: Palace of Justice, Building C, Hajvali-Prishtina; Tel: 038/200 18 711

The Basic Prosecution in Gjilan covers the territory of Gjilan, Kamenica, Raniluk, Novobërdë, Vitia, Kllokot, and Partesh. Address: Street Marie Shllaku no. Gjilan. Tel: 0280/320 282

The Basic Prosecution in Prizren covers the territory of Prizren, Suhareka, Dragash and Mamusha. Address: Street Villiam Voker 20000 Prizren. Tel:029/242 216

The Basic Prosecution in Peja, covers the territory of Peja, Deçan, Klina and Istog. Address: Hasan Cermaxhija, Pejë Tel:039/422 163

The Basic Prosecution in Mitrovica covers the territory of Mitrovica, Leposavic, Zubin Potok, Zvecan, Skenderaj and Vushtrri. Address: Lagja e Boshnjakëve, Mitrovicë. Tel: 045/817 964 Official Website

The Basic Prosecution in Gjakova covers the territory of Gjakova, Malisheva and Rahovec / Orahovac. Address: Mother Theresa Street no. Gjakova Tel: 039/323 128 Official Website

The Basic Prosecution in Ferizaj covers the territory of Ferizaj, Kaçanik, Shtime, Štrpce and Hani i Elezit. Address: Street of Reqaku no nr Tel: 0290/326 017 Official Website


Appellate Prosecution

The Appellate Prosecution covers the entire territory of the Republic of Kosovo and is established to act for the Court of Appeals.
Prosecutors appointed to the Appellate Prosecution Office will specialize in presenting prosecution cases in the Court of Appeals. When a prosecution case is heard by the Court of Appeals, the prosecutor who initiated or prosecuted the case may, with the approval of the Chief State Prosecutor, accompany and assist the prosecutor of the Appellate Prosecution Office in presenting or defending against the appeal.

The Appellate Prosecution Office is in Prishtina
The Palace of Justice P.N. Hajvali Bulding C.
Tel. 038/200-18-857


Special Prosecution of Kosovo

The Special Prosecution has jurisdiction in all of the Republic of Kosovo. The mandate of the Special Prosecution is defined by Law and are divided into special competencies and complementary competencies.
Some of the special powers of the Special Prosecution Office are prosecution and investigation of various crimes such as:
a) acts of terrorism
b) failure to report the preparation of criminal offenses,
c) facilitation of terrorism, organization, support, and participation in terrorist groups;
d) genocide;
e) crimes against humanity;
f) War crimes in breach of Geneva and other conventions and other competencies listed in Article 5 of Law No. 03 / L-052 as well as competences supplementary listed in Article 9 of the same law.

 Address: Fehmi Agani Street nr. Builds PTC, Prishtina.
Tel:038/200 18 891


Office of the Chief State Prosecutor

The Office of the Chief State Prosecutor covers the entire territory of the Republic of Kosovo and is competent exclusively for the third instance cases before the Supreme Court as well as on all cases involving extraordinary legal remedies.
The Office of the Chief State Prosecutor is guided by the Chief State Prosecutor, who is appointed by the President of the Republic of Kosovo upon the proposal of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council.
Address:Street Luan Haradinaj, 10000 Prishtina – Kosovo.
Tel:+381/38/200 18 826


Other Institutions