The “Youth for Justice” project is supported by the US Department of State – INL and has started to be implemented since November 2018 by the Youth Initiative for Human Rights YIHR KS.


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Twenty-sixth of June marks the International Day in support of victims of torture, stipulated by General Assembly of United Nations. Due to pandemic, the National Mechanism on Torture Prevention (NMTP) of Ombudsperson institution has stopped carrying on-site visits to the detention centers and prisons, grounded on the principle of “not engendering a greater damage” recommended by the European Committee on torture prevention and the Committee Against Torture (CAT). Nonetheless, monitoring of rights of persons deprived of liberty by the NMTP...

The Ombudsperson Mr. Hilmi Jashari, to get acquainted with the situation caused by the pandemic, visited the National Institute of Public Health of Kosovo (NIPHK). Mr. Jashari met with the Director of NIPHK, Mr. Naser Ramadani and was informed about the challenges that this institution is facing, the large number of recently infected, and the fear of the situation getting out of control. Through a press release, the Ombudsperson Institution has also appealed to all citizens to respect the required protection...

The Kosovo Law Institute (KLI) has published the report "The failure of the courts to complete the Program for Compensation to Victims of Crime". Researchers from KLI stated that the analysis of this report shows that the courts have not implemented the Law on Crime Victim Compensation and have not stayed close to the victims. This organization has analyzed 370 judgments by the courts, 185 of them of 2018, and their analysis has confirmed that 50 percent of cases have not implemented Law on Crime...