The “Youth for Justice” project is supported by the US Department of State – INL and has started to be implemented since November 2018 by the Youth Initiative for Human Rights YIHR KS.


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The Institution of the Ombudsperson in Kosovo has issued a Press Release regarding the publication of the Legal Opition Ex-officio no. 148/20120 on the legal identity of unregistered persons. According to the analysis of the national and international legal framework by this institution, it turns out that not ensuring the legal identity of the persons in question constitutes a violation of human rights, more precisely the rights of children, therefore such cases should be treated with priority and within a reasonable time. This Legal Opinion is addressed to...

According to Article 183, paragraph 2, of the Kosovo Criminal Code, sexual harassment means any form of unwanted verbal, non-verbal or physical behavior of a sexual nature, aimed at violating the dignity of a person, and creates an environment which is objectively intimidating, hostile, degrading or humiliating. Lack of proper education as a society has increased the numbers of sexual harassment, which generally comes from boys and men with various words and sexual pressure on girls and women. This...