The “Youth for Justice” project is supported by the US Department of State – INL and has started to be implemented since November 2018 by the Youth Initiative for Human Rights YIHR KS.


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On March 15, 1962, US President John F. Kennedy passed the Consumer Rights Act, and in 1985 the United Nations General Assembly adopted directives to protect consumers. Since then, March 15 has been marked as World Consumer Rights Day. The Law on Consumer Protection in Kosovo was adopted in 2004 by the Assembly of Kosovo and includes the right to information, security, the right to vote and the right to be heard. This date is marked in Kosovo by the Department...

On International Women's Day, YIHR KS has supported the march with the motto "We march against the patriarchy that kills" in the streets of the capital. The march conveyed the message of resistance to patriarchy that has taken the lives of many women during 2020, as well as to commemorate and demand justice and equality for all women. Many civil society organizations and activists joined the march holding posters with the inscriptions "Patriarchate Kills", "Justice for Murdered Women", "I choose what...

In an article from “Drejtësia Sot” it is reported that for an indictment filed on December 20, 2020 by the Basic Prosecution in Gjakova for the criminal offense of bribery, the Basic Court of Gjakova had not scheduled an initial hearing almost two months since the indictment was filed. This is contrary to the legal provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code which demands that the judge or the trial panel shall immediately schedule the initial hearing, which shall be held...