The “Youth for Justice” project is supported by the US Department of State – INL and has started to be implemented since November 2018 by the Youth Initiative for Human Rights YIHR KS.


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On March 19, 2021, Turkey withdrew from the historic European treaty which protects women from violence, signed by Turkey for the first time 10 years ago and bearing the name of its largest city. The Istanbul Convention, signed in 2011, states that men and women have equal rights by obliging state authorities to prevent gender-based violence, protect victims and prosecute perpetrators. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's decree is a blow to women's rights defenders, who say the deal is essential to fighting domestic...

In the statistical report of the courts for 2020 published by the Kosovo Judicial Council, the Supreme Court of Kosovo, the Court of Appeals of Kosovo and the seven basic courts in Kosovo during 2020 have received 60, 668 cases, while 53,145 or 87.6% percent have been completed. This report presents the types of cases such as criminal cases, serious crimes, juvenile crimes, civil, economic and administrative. For the full report click HERE....

After an 11-year legal battle between YIHR KS and Klan Kosova, the Kosovo Court of Appeals upheld the decision of the Basic Court in Prishtina, considering the lawsuit for defamation of Klan Kosova as unfounded. In May 2010, the Youth Initiative for Human Rights - Kosovo published a 50-page report “Shrinking Public Space Governance and Freedom of Expression in Kosovo”, a result of a six-month research effort set up by YIHR KS that concerns the television in question was favoring a...