The “Youth for Justice” project is supported by the US Department of State – INL and has started to be implemented since November 2018 by the Youth Initiative for Human Rights YIHR KS.


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In an article of UN Women, the Ombudsperson in Kosovo Naim Qelaj has spoken about the steps that Kosovo has taken to eliminate the violence against women, on the increase of gender-based violence affected by Covid-19 pandemic, and the challenges regarding domestic violence. The Ombudsperson has highlight the amendment to the Constitution that allowed the implementation of the Istanbul Convention in Kosovo as a main step to eliminate violence against women in the last five years. The Ombusperson has also mentioned...

According to “Drejtësia Sot”, in a decision announced by the Basic Court of Prishtina, it was noted that the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kosovo has not been executed, since in the sentencing it was not imposed the additional sentence for the defendant for the bribery criminal offence, while performing his work at the Kosovo Institute of Public Health. The court imposed a sentence of 6 months, while with the consent of the defendant the sentence was replaced with a...

At the end of last year, the European Parliament had formally adopted the revised Drinking Water Directive about the quality of water intended for human consumption. The objective of this Directive is to protect human health from harmful effects of any water contamination that is intended for human consumption by ensuring that it is wholesome and clean, and free from any micro-organisms, parasites or any substances that may be a potential danger to human health. The Drinking Water Directive will apply...