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Free Legal Professions

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Free Legal Professions

Free Professions are: Private Bailiff, Notary, Mediation and Bankruptcy Administrators.



Notary is a public service which is exercised through notaries and is regulated by Law on Notary.

Some of the duties of notary are:


  • compile, certify and issue notary deeds;
  • certify notarized deeds drafted by the party or the third person;
  • compiling of notarized wills;
  • storing of inheritance documents, cash, securities or valuable items etc.

Usually for one municipality there should be at least one (1) notary, but by decision of the Ministry of Justice this number may increase so that in at least 10,000 inhabitants there is one (1) notary.

The work of notaries is overseen by the Ministry of Justice and Notary Chamber.

Candidates wishing to practice the Notary profession must meet the requirements set out in Article 4 of the Notary Law and must have passed the Notary Exam. Notaries are licensed by the Ministry of Justice.

The notary in the exercise of his profession is free and is subject only to the law./p>

The list of all notaries registered in the Republic of Kosovo is available on the official website of the Kosovo Chamber of Notaries.

Contact: Str. “Bashkim Fehmiu”, OB-13-BL-A, C10, Entrance 2, 4th floor, apartment no.21, Arbëri, Prishtina.
Tel: 038 726 018 & 045 299 989
Tel: 038 726 018 & 045 299 989
E-mail: info@noteria-ks.org



Enforcment Agents

The establishment of enforcement agents has been done with a view of easing the work of the courts. Enforcment agents are regulated by the Law on Enforcment Procedure.

The task of enforcement agents is to execute enforcement actions such as enforcing court decisions, notarial documents executable in accordance with the law on notary etc.

Enforcment agents can not enforce decisions pertaining to family law issues and return of civil servants to work and other compensation.

Përmbaruesit Privat duhet ti plotësojn kushtet për tu emruar si Përmbarues Privat si dhe të japin betimin.

Enforcement agents must meet the conditions to be appointed as enforcement agents and are required to give oath.Enforcment agents are overseen by the Ministry of Justice and the Kosovo Chamber of Enforcement Agents.

The list and contact details of Enforcment Agents are available on the official website

Address: Str. “PERANDORI JUSTINIAN” 2/3 Prishtina, 10000
Tel: +383 (0)38 409-999
Email: info@opk-rks.org




Mediation is a way of resolving disputes (dispute means the situation when one party claims that it is entitled to a right while the other party denies that right) in extra-judicial ways.

Mediation is the easiest way to resolve disagreements because it creates less expenses and is less formal than court proceedings. The mediation procedure is conducted by a mediator who is a person licensed by the Ministry of Justice.

The parties in a mediation procedure may reach a written agreement resolving the contest or dispute between them. That agreement must be signed the parties and the mediator is considered as a document which can be executed (enforced).

Mediation is regulated by the Law on Mediation



Advocacy is an independent profession exercised by lawyers and is concerned with providing legal aid to natural and legal persons for the protection of their freedoms, rights and interests. This legal aid mainly includes: giving legal advice, representing parties in court sessions, drafting various documents such as complaints, lawsuits, petitions, requests, proposals, etc.

The lawyer must be registered in the registry of lawyers at the Kosovo Chambers of Advocates and must be licensed to exercise the lawyer profession, and also before exercising the profession must give oath before the body of the Chambers.

Conditions for exercising advocacy are set forth in the Law on Bar specifically in Article 10, in which lawyers are required to have completed the bar exam.

The lawyer is obliged to protect confidential information provided by the client.

The organization and functioning of the advocacy profession is regulated by the Law on bar whereas the list of lawyers is in the official website of the Kosovo Chamber of Advocates

Adress: Rr. Bedri Pejani, Nr. 31 10000, Prishtina / Kosovo
Tel: +381 (0) 38 244 586 +381(0) 38 243 717



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