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The judicial branch in the Republic of Kosovo is exercised by the courts based on the Law on Courts.

Courts treat all persons equally without discrimination on any grounds.

Every natural and legal person has the right to have access to the courts and is entitled to a fair trial within a reasonable timeframe.

All court hearings shall be open to the public unless otherwise provided by Law. (Ex. juvenile court hearings are closed).Everyone has the right to address the court to request protection and enforcement of their lawful rights.

The Judicial system is organized in the:

  1. Basic Courts
  2. Court of Appeals
  3. Supreme Court

Basic Courts

Basic Courts are first instance courts, they are located in seven (7) Kosovo regions: Pristina, Prizren, Peja, Gjakova, Gjilan, Ferizaj and Mitrovica.

Each of the Basic Courts has the following departments:

  1. General Department;
  2. Department for Serious Crimes;
  3. Department for Juveniles

The Basic Court in Prishtina has three more departments covering the entire territory of Kosovo, namely: Department for Economic Affairs, Department for Administrative Affairs and Special Department for cases under the jurisdiction of the Special Prosecution of RKS.

Special Department for cases under the jurisdiction of the Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosovo has the competence to review cases falling under the competence of Specialist Prosecution of the Republic of Kosovo. All matters in the Special Department are adjudicated by the panel of three (3) professional judges.

The Serious Crimes Department of the Basic Court adjudicates criminal offenses punishable by more than ten (10) years, and criminal offenses qualified as serious criminal offenses under the Criminal Code or Criminal Procedure Code of Kosovo, and all such cases are adjudicated by a trial panel of three (3) judges.

General Department of the Basic Court adjudicates all first instance cases unless the cases fall under the competence of another department of the Basic Court, and all such cases are adjudicated by one (1) judge.

Juvenile Department adjudicates all cases that deal with minor persons.

Basic Court of Prishtina, based in Prishtina, covers the territory of the Municipality of Prishtina, Fushë Kosovë, Obiliq, Lipjan, Podujevo, Gllogovc and Gracanica.
Tel:+381 38 200 17 388;
Email: gjthprishtine@rks-gov.net ;

Adresa: Veternik, Rr. “Nekibe Kelmendi”, pn Prishtinë, Kosovë

Basic Court of Gjilan, based in Gjilan, covers the territory of Gjilan, Kamenica, Novobërdë, Ranillug, Partesh, Viti, Klokot and Vrbovac
Tel: +381 (0) 280/322 180;

Adresa: Rr. “Marie Shllaku”, pn. Gjilan

Basic Court of Prizren, based in Prizren, covers the territory of Prizren, Dragash, Suva Reka and Mamusha.
Tel: +381 (0) 29/222-125;
Email: gjthprizren@rks-gov.net;

Adresa: Rr. Wiliam Woker p.nr

Basic Court of Peja, based in Peja, covers the territory of the municipalities of Peja, Deçan, Junik, Istog and Klina.
Tel: +381 (0) 39/434-725;
Email: gjthpeje@rks-gov.net;

Adresa: Rr. “Adem Jashari”, pn Pejë

Basic Court of Mitrovica, based in Mitrovica covers the territory of the municipalities of South Mitrovica and North Mitrovica, Leposavic, Zubin Potok, Zveçan, Skenderaj and Vushtrri.
Tel: +381 28 573 776;
Email: gjthmitrovice@rks-go.net;

Adresa: Dëshmorët e Kombit”, pn Vushtrri

Basic Court of Gjakova, based in Gjakova covers for the territory of the municipalities of Gjakova, Malisheva and Rahovec.
Tel : +381 (0) 390/324-130;

Adresa:Rr. “Bardhyl Qaushi”, Nr.148 Gjakovë

Basic Court of Ferizaj, based in Ferizaj, covers the territory of the Municipality of Ferizaj, Kaçanik, Shtime, Štrpce and Hani i Elezit.
Tel:+381 (0) 0290 321 009;
Email: gjthferizaj@rks-gov.net;

Adresa: Rr. “Salih Çeku”, pn Ferizaj

Court of Appeals

The Court of Appeal is located in Prishtina and covers the entire territory of the Republic of Kosovo.

The Court of Appeal acts as a second instance court and has the authority to review appeals filed against decisions of the Basic Courts, to decide on the conflicts of jurisdiction between Basic Courts and other issues as provided by law.

The Court of Appeals adjudicates in a panel of 3 professional judges, unless otherwise provided for by law.

The Court of Appeals is organized in these departments:

  1. General Department;
  • Division for civil matters
  • Division for Criminal Matters
  • Division for Misdemeanor
  1. Department of Serious Crimes;
  2. Department of Economic Affairs;
  3. Department of Administrative Affairs;
  4. Juvenile Department;
  5. Special Department

Address: Palace of Justice, facility B – Neighborhood: “Prishtina e Re”

Tel: +381 (0) 38/200 18 410; Email: gjykataeapelit@rks-gov.net
Official Website

Supreme Court of Kosovo

The Supreme Court of Kosovo is the highest judicial authority in Kosovo and has jurisdiction over the entire territory of the Republic of Kosovo The Supreme Court decisions are issued in a a panel of three (3) professional judges, except when a larger number of judges is provided by Law

The Supreme Court is mandated to:

  • decide on requests for extraordinary legal remedies against final decisions of the courts of Republic of Kosovo, as provided by law;
  • review second instance decisions of the courts on contentious matters, as provided by Law;
  • the Supreme Court decides in the third instance for complaints permitted by law;
  • defines principled attitudes and issues legal opinions and guidelines for unique application of laws by the courts in the territory of Kosovo, and other competencies as defined by law;

The Supreme Court has 3 branches:

  1. Criminal Branch,
  2. Civil Branch,
  3. Administrative and Judicial Practices Branch.

Tel: +381 (0) 38/200 18 775;
Email: gjykatasupreme@rks-gov.net
Address: Pallati i Drejtësisë – Lagjja “Prishtina e Re”
Official Website

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