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Constitutional Court of Kosovo

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Constitutional Court of Kosovo

The Constitutional Court of Kosovo is an independent institution that is mandated to interpret the Constitution as the highest legal act of a country. This court ensures that the state institutions function in accordance with the Constitution, and guarantees protection of fundamental rights and individual freedoms guaranteed by Constitution.

Parties that are authorized to raise issues before the Counstitutional Court are: Assembly of Kosovo, President of Kosovo, Government, Municipalities, 10 or more deputies of the Assembly of Kosovo (as provided in the Constitution), Ombudsperson, Chairman of Assembly of Kosovo, Courts, and physical and legal persons.

Issues that are referred to the Constitutional Court and the rights and conditions that need to be fulfilled are regulated by Article 113 of the Constitution of Kosovo.

The Constitutional Court is composed of nine (9) judges who are apointed by the President of the Republic of Kosovo upon the proposal of the Assembly. Their mandate is non-renewable for nine (9) years.

Decisions of the Constitutional Court are binding on the judiciary and all persons and institutions of the Republic of Kosovo, and are published in the Kosovo Official Gazzete.

Judges of the Constitutional Court may be dismissed by the President of the Republic of Kosovo upon the proposal of two thirds (2/3) of the judges of the Constitutional Court only for the commission of a serious crime or for serious neglect of duties.

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