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Arbitration is a mechanism for solving disputes through a procedure less formal than in the courts and the Arbitration procedure is regulated by the Law on Arbitration. This form of dispute settlement is usually practiced by businesses because it is cheaper, faster, the parties have right to choose arbitrators themselves, the venue for the sessions, is less prone to formalities and is far more predictable and more private.

Usually the entities that enter into contracts between them foresee in the articles of the contract
or in a special agreement that in case of any dispute with the contract, it will be dealt with arbitration.
For matters pertaining to labor rights, the parties can not use arbitration.

Within the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce there is the Permanent Arbitration Tribunal (TPA), and within the American Chambers of Commerce there is a Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Address of the Permanent Arbitration Tribunal at KCC: Rr. Mother Teresa nr.20, 10000, Prishtina – Kosovo

Telephone: +381 (0) 38 712 364
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Address of Alternative Dispute Resolution Center: The Emperor Justinian Street No.132 (0.85 mi) Prishtina 10000
Telephone:+ 381 38 609 012 / 609 013
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