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Agency for Free Legal Aid

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Agency for Free Legal Aid

The Agency for Free Legal Aid (AFLA)is an independent body which is mandated to provide free legal aid to persons who do not have sufficient financial resources and as a result are denied access to justice.

The Agency for Free Legal Aid functions on the basis of the Law on Free Legal Aid.

Free legal aid is provided to persons who meet the criteria set out in the Law on Free Legal Aid such as: Legal Criteria, Financial Criteria and Qualifying Criteria. Under the law, in urgent cases, free legal aid is offered to all arrested or detained persons, in the police, despite the fulfillment of the criteria.

Free Legal Aid can include: information and legal advice regarding legal proceedings, preparation of complaints, lawsuits, petitions, as well as representation in civil, criminal, administrative and misdemeanor proceedings.

The right to free legal aid is a right guaranteed by the Constitution of Kosovo.
As a free legal aid provider under the law are: regional offices, free legal aid offices, lawyers and non-governmental organizations when entering into partnership with the Agency.

AFLA has regional offices in: Prishtina, Prizren, Gjakova, Mitrovica, Gjilan, Ferizaj, Peja.

Office of Executive Director NR.30 ,Prishtina, Tel: 038/200 18 936. AFLA Prishtina: Rr “Zenel Salihu” , Nr.30 Tel.03820018941

The Basic Prosecution Building – Gjilan: Tel: 0280321134

The Basic Prosecution Building – Prizren: Tel: 029230554

The Basic Prosecution Building – Peja: Tel: 039423698

Center for Social Work-Mitrovica Tel: 0280534447

Rr.”UÇK” p.n Pallati I Kulturës Tel: 0390320270

Rr “Dëshmorët e Kombit”, p.n Tel: 0290323406


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